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Dyslexia Association of Sarawak provides tutoring for children who have dyslexia or other learning difficulties. Interested, please call our Learning and Resource Center at 082-242900 during office hours.

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What is Dyslexia Association of Sarawak?

Dyslexia Association of Sarawak (DASwk) is a non-profit NGO established and registered under the Registrar of Societies on April, 2007, to advocate for the needs of children and other individuals with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

We reach out to children suffering from these difficulties by running awareness as well as intervention programs at our

Learning and Resources Centre of Dyslexia Association of Sarawak
Banglo Kalaka (Sri Meluan),
Lorong Maxwell 2, Jalan Maxwell 93000 Kuching
(behind Children Cancer Society of Sarawak)

In Malaysia, 4-10 % of students have been found to have the signs and symptoms of dyslexia.

Our Contact:
Tel: 082 242 900
Fax: 082 413 995
Email: dyslexiaswk@gmail.com

Our Aims and Objectives

The Association conducts daily special tuition to children who are from Kuching and surrounding areas. A three month special intervention programme are conducted for those requiring it with the collaboration of Education Department. A number of these children come from outside Kuching, Co-curricular activities are also conducted to expose children to physical, personal and social skill development. Training of teachers and health care providers on dyslexia assessment, management and interventions are conducted on an annual basis with local and international expertise.

  1. To advance the education and general welfare of children and others who are affected by dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities.
  2. To promote a general awareness and an understanding of the problems and needs of children and others with specific learning disabilities and thereby to assist them to obtain specialized diagnosis and treatment so that their disabilities may be remedied as early as possible.
  3. To persuade appropriate authorities to include in teacher-training courses such instruction as would serve to qualify teachers to recognize in children what may be specific learning disabilities requiring specialized treatment.
  4. To promote the establishment of special courses for remedial teacher training and remedial teacher services in places where such facilities do not exist.
  5. To encourage the setting up of branches of the Society throughout Sarawak with the same objectives.
  6. To adopt such measures and take such steps and do all such things as may, in the opinion of the Society, be conducive to the promotion of cordial relations between the Society and kindred associations or persons (whether in Malaysia or elsewhere) interested in any aspect of specific learning disabilities.
  7. To establish, subscribe or donate to promote, become a member of, support or cooperate or amalgamate with any kindred association or body (whether incorporated or not) whose objects are altogether in part similar to those of this Society.
  8. To receive and accept donations in cash or in kind from well wishers, individuals, donors, organizations, institutions and government.
  9. To raise funds for the attainment for the above objects of the Society, with prior concern and approval of the Registrar of Societies and other concerned authority.
  10. To acquire landed properties for use as learning and resource centres.

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Online Dyslexia Assessment

Online Dyslexia Assessment is now available! Please select the following checklist:

If you suspect your child may be at risk, you may seek consultation at the Dyslexia Association of Sarawak or Child Developmental Clinic, Klinik Kesihatan Petra Jaya, Jalan Siol Kanan, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching. ( phone 082-228228 for an appointment).

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